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Free Guide to Use Reddit Get Much Traffic & Build Your Audience

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Reddit is most popular Social Media for new bloggers. If you want more traffic then a good idea to move on Reddit.

It’s so different platform ever.

If you never used this website yet , then you missed a great chance for drive huge traffic.

Reddit Front Page
                                                        Reddit Front Page

Here is I want to tell you very interesting fact that website have  2000’s message board network.

Means you able to post your post in a different type of boards category.

But this is the reality that Reddit is a wonderful source of traffic generation. If you want to grow you, followers, then you need to use it properly.

So what you need to do for traffic generation from Reddit?

When you see Reddit first time you look strange. But other hands it is quite easy to use Reddit network.

First time when I saw Surprise & in honestly I am a little bit scared.

But I am not taking a long time for getting traffic from Reddit. When I am starting to use this I am amazed to got benefit from Reddit.

Reddit has 50 million unique users and Above 1 million communities .

After watching these statistics you mind is freeze , Because million of people daily visiting sites. One thing more if you see site bounce rate is less than25%.

So this is good for site which have million & millions users comes.

After i gave intro of site you little bit scared , but i promise you Reddit is not a bad place for users.

You can use site to drive traffic to your website. But for this you need little knowledge of this which i will give you today.

If you give valuable contribution to this site then you got more visitors to your website. So let’s start how it is possible.

Introduction of Reddit

Reddit is found on 23 June 2005 , means 12 years ago & founder of this website is Steve Huffman & Co founder is Alexis Ohanian. This is social news & media aggression website.

When you submit another website link to any specify category or subreddits then submission show URL link end of the title.


Some users are submit text related posts & self writes posts . So that’s are Pure contribution by each users.

You able to see this after submission post and the tag self identity . Look in this picture

self written posts
                                                                                 self written posts

When you Submit your original content to website then they shows your original website link , so you got back traffic for prize.

Most important thing is user are up-voted or down-vote  your all posts. This all process called Karma .

When you got high karma or upvoted then you got traffic for Reddit Credibility . So avoid to get down vote from Reddit.

So best way to get traffic is keep posting good content in website. But before you post any content one thing more you need to learn called subreddits .

What is Subreddits ?

Subreddits in Reddit site is community or interest based community around the world. You able to see many Subreddits in website where you can submit your content.

Every subreddit represent the different URL structure


You need find your favorite subreddits  in website , but it is not so difficult . it is above site of website there are many subreddits available.

No need to wait for many month for traffic , i will tell you today how to use power of Reddit.

So first How to drive huge traffic threw Reddit you need to read Beginner’s Guide to get forward.

Do not need to worry about to find your desire subreddits , Website have search feature   where you able to find your section of post.

Search feature of subreddits
Search feature of subreddits  

So here is full tutorial :-

  1. Start Posting On Reddits

Okay first step is start posting on Reddits website , but hold on this is first but its time consuming step. So my suggestion is try to learn how another users got comments or traffic from Reddits.

But if want to post your product then keep in mind one thing Reddit hate marketing stuffs.

When you try to post your sales type stuff then they reject your content , because they do not allows such type things. Main reason is if you have new account then they do not trust you .

You need to wait for some days , but regular post your content gain trust .

But i will give you one tips to get learn from other subreddit . You able to saw top tab in above the menu .

Top reddit
 Top reddit

In this  section you find top Reddit post , so here you need to learn how they post & what type of content get much intention.

How to Post in Reddit

First you need to make account on website & need to confirm you identity threw email . When you finish all then you work starts .

After registration you need to post link in Reddit desire section or post text article in site . Do not forgot your site link after successful submission.


Here i chooses tutorial subreddits and paste my link , then it is asked for suggest link . After you all done click on submit & you succesfully submitted your first post.

Conclusion :- If you do all thing right way & done after proper learning then you able to drive much traffic from Reddit.

If you any question about this post then please asked in comment section i will answer your all query with my best answer.


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