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Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Tutorial Settings

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Tutorial Settings

Yoast WordPress Seo Plugin is number one SEO plugin for WordPress platform. Every blogger wants to use this plugin, but the main problem is most of the people don’t know how to setup Yoast SEO plugin. Are you new in blogging, so make sure your WordPress is totally SEO friendly.

So today in this post I will teach you how to make your blog SEO friendly threw Yoast SEO plugin. WordPress SEO is so important to drive more traffic to your blog. In Yoast SEO plugin you got many features like Meta tags, RSS feed, social media verification, Google , Bing, Yahoo verification features and many other features.

How to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin for High Search Engine Ranking

When you come in blogging field then you want that your blog appears in search engine fast. But how it is possible, no need to worry. Yoast SEO plugin helps to index your website fast in the search engine. But first, you need to setup this plugin good for better search engine ranking.

So you need to follow my all steps which I mention below:- 

General Setting: WordPress Seo Dashboard :

1. Yoast Seo General Setting

yoast seo general setting
                                                Yoast SEO general setting

1. First of all, you need to click on open the configuration window.

2. After that Yoast SEO plugin says to follow all steps, you only need forward step by step.

2. Webmaster tools Verification :

When you open webmaster tools its ask for verification your website in Bing, Google, Yandex Search engine. you need to verify your website in this all fields.

Webmaster tool Verification
 Webmaster tool Verification

3. Security Settings

Next steps are security setting you don’t need to touch any setting. You keeping this setting disabled.


Next setting is force rewrite titles, you need to enable this because if Yoast SEO needs to rewrite your title for best SEO. Then its automatically happened threw plugin . just follow as I show in the image.

4. Homepage Setting 

Now click on homepage setting & fill your meta description template. But remember one thing when you enter your meta description then choose high search keywords.

Homepage setting
                                                             Homepage setting

5. Post Settings

Here is a screenshot of post setting of Yoast SEO, you just need to follow all setting which I show in the screenshot. Also, you do not need to touch any setting of media, keep media setting is the default.

Meta & Titles
                                                 Meta & Titles


6. Categories & Tags

if you want that search engine index your website categories & Tags then keep the default setting of that plugin. Another hand if you don’t want to index your website categories & tags then click on no index setting of Yoast SEO plugin. Here is the another screen shot of this setting


7. Author Archive Setting

You need to disable setting of author archive & Date archive setting. But no need to touch any other setting keep default all setting of the archive.


8. Permalinks setting

This is the very important setting of this plugin, wrong setting down your ranking in google. So my advised do as I tell you threw this screenshot.

So let’s look again SEO features offered by the plugin:-
  • Verify setting in Google, Bing, Yandex
  • Title & Meta Setting
  • Supports Facebook open graph
  • Permalink advance control
  • Breadcrumbs Support
  • Edit .htaccess file
  • Hide date from search engine snippets
  • Add google authorship for single author
  • General sitemap

So today we learned how to do the proper setting of Yoast SEO. There are many problems comes when we doing SEO of our blog. But the help of this wonderful plugin you achieve a good rank in google.

If you got any problem then here I also post you tube video. with the help of this video, you easily setup your WordPress Seo Yoast Plugin.



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