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How to Setup Instant Articles Facebook for WordPress[Updated]

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Are you Want to know how to  Setup Facebook Instant Articles, have you heard about this new feature of Facebook. If you already heard this then you want to add this instant articles on your WordPress website.


But the main problem is most of the people do not know how to set up. but today in this post I will teach you to step by step how to configure Setup Instant Articles Facebook.


How to Setup Instant Articles Facebook

Most of blogger on the internet using Google Adsense to make money online & they have no other program like this.


But now Facebook launch new program Called Facebook Instant Articles , with the help of this you able to earn a lot of money through Facebook.


One of the best benefits of using instant articles is instant article load up 20 times faster than a normal web page. This fastest speed gives a better experience to mobile users.


This fastest speed gives a better experience to mobile users.


There are many other sites like TechCrunch , BuzzFeed ,Mashable & many other websites are using instant article successfully.


Profit to Using Facebook Instant Articles

  • Better load time of articles so user love to read articles
  • When user got fast load then also share your articles
  • You will able to monetize your articles threw Facebook Monetization
  • Facebook page reach automatically boosted
  • You get users into your website means high google ranking

What you Need for Enable Facebook Instant Articles on your Website

There are some requirements to setup instant articles on your WordPress blog or website.


  • Good Facebook page for your WordPress blog or website.
  • Facebook app page.
  • Minimum 10 or more articles on your website.
  • Instant artcile  for wp plugin for setup.

Facebook Instant Article Sign Up

First of all, you need to Facebook Instant Articles website & need to sign up for instant articles.

Facebook Instant Article Sign up

When you go to sign up for the instant article, then Facebook ask to you choose a page for articles.


You just simply select that page, after that you need to tick the box where you saw agree on instant article terms.


After that, you click on Access Instant Articles Tools.


Instant Article Page Selection


After clicking this now you are in a page of instant article configuration section. first of all, you need to prove ownership of the website.


Instant Article website claim

You just simply copy the code of meta tag & go to your website header section. Paste all code just below the <head>section of your header, then click claim & you proved website ownership to Facebook Successfully.


If you don’t know where to past this code then just simple install Insert Header and Footer Plugin.


The next step is just set up your RSS feed URL of your website. Here are full steps how to generate your instant article RSS feed URL.


Go to your website plugin install section &  install Instant Article for WP Plugin. When you activate the plugin then its generate article for your instant articles.


You get your website feed URL just adding /feed/instant-articles after your website RSS link.


Rss setting instant Articles

After creating this you need to set up your instant article app to going Facebook for Developer  . Here you need to create your app for instant articles.


Here you need to follow some steps For Facebook Instant Articles App

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to Developer Account
  • Create new Facebook App
  • Choose Platform
  • Choose a Name
  • Follow “Quick Start ” Steps
  • App ID
  • Protect your app Secret
  • Contact Email
  • App Details
  • Submit App for Review

when you set up your app then come back Facebook Instant Article configuration page. Now our work to submit an article for Facebook review.


But before proceeding, we need to make sure that we have at least 10 articles on our website.


After that click on button submit for review like this:-


Submit for review articles

Now Facebook takes 1 to 3 days to review your articles. When articles are finishing review then its starting shows on your page.


So guys here is I mention the whole step to Setup Instant Articles Facebook.


If you have any questions regarding this no need for hesitation just ask in comment box.


I will answer you all question as soon as possible.


Facebook Instant Article Payout problem Solution

I am updating this post because we got so many queries about Facebook instant article payments problem.

If any person got the problem to receiving payment from Facebook then here is the solution.

  1. First, go to developer facebook page.
  2. Click on Payout button.
  3. Here you Saw Need help option, you just click that option & ask your query to Facebook regarding payment.
  4. They will respond you as soon as possible.


Facebook payment problem

So after reading this article you easily able to Setup Instant Article Facebook.Now Facebook is no more allowed google adsense website.

Facebook is now continue banned many google adsense monetization website because they want to promote instant article facebook.

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