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St Patrick Day: Everything about it

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St Patrick Day
St Patrick Day is celebrated On every year on 17 MARCH on the name of christian priest found the God known as “St. Patrick“.His real name was “MaewynSuccat”, it is originally a “catholic holiday” ;according to his own writings”.

He found god that time he was working as SLAVE SHEPARD”,was considering himself as “PAGAN” which means “atheist”,after having observed some extra ordinary experience in life.


He converted to priest and after his death on every March 17th ,St Patrick Day festival  celebrated which indicates  the arrival and spreading of Christianity in Ireland.

On St Patrick day Celebration stretches from The Emerald Isle itself to seemingly distant places like Russia, USA and Japan. It is both a cultural and religious holiday. It wasn’t until early 17th century; this day wasn’t a feast festival at all.

It is also a festival of celebration of Irish Culture and identity in general, but there are a lot of amazing facts about the festival which will make you appreciate the deeds of St Patrick, even more.

St Patrick Day History

history of saint patrick's day
St Patrick was not an Irish by birth; instead, he was born in Britain around 415 AD. He name wasn’t “St. Patrick”, it wasn’t even “Patrick”, his real name was “MaewynSuccat”.


Now “Maewyn” wasn’t a priest, in contrast, he was far from it. He considered himself as a “Pagan”, which judging by today’s standards is considered Atheist.


At the age of 16, he was captured by Irish raiders who attacked his village. He was then sold into slavery in Ireland, where he worked as a Shepard for 6 Six years.

“Whether I was then fifteen years old at the time, and I did not then believe in the living God, not even when I was a child.In fact, I remained in death and unbelief until I was reproved strongly, and actually brought low by hunger and nakedness daily”

st. patrick's as shepard

According to his own writing, all those years of captivity and working as a slave Shepard, he found faith. He spent most of his time in forging a relationship with God.This showed “Maewyn” the true power of faith as he was able to endure all the hardships knowing that God watched over him. This eventually led him to convert to Christianity as he began a new life of faith.

After six years, one day he heard a voice in his sleep which guided him to find a ship which was waiting for him. He escaped his captivity and followed the voice.He travelled for nearly 200 miles before he reached a coast, where a huge ship was docked. He tried boarding the vessel but was stopped by the captain. After some persuasion, Patrick was allowed on the ship.

After 3 days travelling on the ship, they reached Britain. He and the crew started wandering the forest for 28 days. The crew began complaining about the hunger as they hadn’t eaten for a long time.

He advised them to put their faith in God; soon they came across a group of wild boars. The crew hunted those wild animals and thanked God for providing them with food in their time of need.Maewyn also describes the second stage of captivity, where he has captured again for a relatively short period of 2 months. After he got his freedom, Maewyn finally made home to his family.

st. patrick's picture

After such a long time forced to stay away from his loved ones, Maewyn was urged to not to leave their side again. He was told to not wander off anywhere else and just stay with his dear ones, but God had other plans.

After 12 years of staying in the monastery and studying about Christianity. It was during this time he changed his name to Patrick. One day he saw another vision in which he received a letter from Irish man and in that letter people of Ireland were calling him so he can light up their path with the grace of God.Acting upon his vision, Patrick went back to Ireland not as a Slave but as a cleric and a missionary. According to the tradition, initially, the local people of Ireland were not very welcoming to Patrick.In order to avoid the rage of the people, Patrick sought a land up north to land his ship. The Island on which he landed came to be known as “St Patrick’s Island”.

After resting for a number of days, Patrick journeyed into the mainland. It was here where he set up many sanctuaries and started converting pagans.

According to the story, he converted thousands of Pagans into Christians, he ordained priests to run the new Christian communities. Patrick established several monasteries, schools and churches across Ireland.Then one day Patrick returned to his former master who enslaved him. He went there to pay him ransom despite being treated cruelly; Patrick held no grudge against him.

As he approached his former master’s house he saw it burning in huge flames. According to the legend, the word of Patrick spreading Christianity across Ireland and helping people in achieving faith had made his former master jealous, up to a point that he didn’t even want to see him ever again.


So in a vile act of jealousy, his master gathered all of his riches, placed them in his home and burned the whole house down with him inside. An ancient record also adds “His pride could not endure the thought of being vanquished by his former slave”.

st. patrick's pic as priest

Patrick worked in Ireland for 40 years afterwards he retired. By 432 AD, most of the population of Ireland’s population was converted into Christians. He later died on March 17th 493 AD, which marked that day as St Patrick Day.These six years are considered really important in the spiritual development of Maewyn. In a work known as “The Declaration” or “The confession”, he writes the following:

Labour Day parade : Brief description

labour day parade celebration

Though Patrick was never canonized by Catholic Church and is a saint only by his name, this does nothing to make this international festival any less celebrated.The festival is the celebration of St Patrick’s missionary work across Ireland but in modern society, this festival has become associated with all sorts of loud festival techniques.

Festival is recognized by world-famous parades across the major cities of the world & St Patrick day 2018 New York, wearing green clothing and drinking millions of pints of beers in pubs across the globe.

people at labour day parrade

Patrick’s teaching of hope, love and faith in God is remembered on this holy day. The life of St Patrick is a prime example of struggle, perseverance and achievements.Though the modern society has commercialized the hugely popular festival in the form of an outrageous seasonal special clothing line and pub drinking.

The overall feel of the whole festival and the feeling of love between fellow Christians and faith in God still remain the main theme of the festival.

Meaning : St Patrick Day

The traditional pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is said to hold 1000 gold coins which are not true as there is no pot of gold there.

The story about how St Patrick drove the snakes away from Ireland was a made up one. According to the story, St Patrick chased each and every snake into the sea and banished them forever because they interrupted his 40 fast which he was undertaking above a hilltop.

However recent studies show that there were never any snakes in Ireland, to begin with. More accurately the word “Snakes” is a metaphor for the undesired elements of Ireland or his ideological rivals.Beer drinking on St Patrick day isn’t actually a tradition. In modern scenario, the beer is the most closely associated thing with St Patrick Day.

The most famous beer which is consumed during this festival is Guinness and almost 13 million pints of beer is consumed on the day of the festival, which accounts for 245 million dollars’ worth of money spent just on beverages.It doesn’t matter the rivers of beer which flow during St Patrick Day, drinking beer wasn’t an original tradition of the festival. Even pubs remained closed in Ireland on St Patrick Day until 1970’s.

It was when the festival was converted into a national festival; the now popular drinking became an annual tradition. The festival has always been a feast day.

beer festival on st. patrick's day

St Patrick Day is celebrated by more people in the USA than in Ireland. A total of 34 million people in the USA are of Irish heritage which way more than the small population of just 4.7 million in Ireland.

The first ever St Patrick Day parade was held in 1762 in New York City and not in Ireland. By the 1800’s the parade became an annual affair and with the increased immigration of Irish people in the mid-19th century, the St Patrick Day became one of the most widespread holidays across America.

if we talk about places where St Patrick Day celebrated the most then Cities like Chicago and Boston are some of the places where the festival is hugely celebrated. Even the white house has its own St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Since 1952, the Irish leader presents the US president a crystal bowl of shamrocks.After giving the gift, both the Irish leader and the US president will pose for photos. The president keeps the crystal to himself.

Another  interesting fact about St Patrick Day hints that the colour blue is more traditionally correct than the widely celebrated green one. Unfortunately, St Patrick Day was a very blue day.

There is even a shade of blue named after it which is used in Irish guard’s uniform and also on Ireland’s Presidential standard. The association of the colour green with St Patrick Day only began in the late 1700’s when the Irish rebellion took place.The Shamrock became the national symbol at that time and the colour green was adopted as the celebrated colour for patriotism. Though there are a few people who still believe that blue is the colour for the festival but the vast majority accepts the green as the more favourite one.

St Patrick Day was originally a Catholic holiday. Even today it is just that but it has also evolved into a secular holiday. It is celebrated by Non- Catholic-non-Irish people just as grandly as Catholic Irish ones.It is such widespread holidays that even the Atheists don’t let go of a chance to bask the festivities of the festival.

The festival has been modernized in many ways and even the St Patrick himself is imagined in a different avatar. Today when people talk about St Patrick they think of a leprechaun in a green jacket, clover on the coat, pipe in his mouth and a pot of gold in his hand.They rarely think of a Saint who devoted more than 30 years of his life, teaching Irish people and helping them realize the power of faith.

One more fact is that the phrase “Drowning the shamrock” comes from the tradition of keeping the shamrock above the glass of whiskey before drinking it.The Irish people believe that doing so will result in a prosperous year ahead, but despite all the popularity surrounding the shamrock, it isn’t the national symbol of the country. The harp is considered as the national symbol of Ireland. It is printed on the Irish

Euro coins and is also printed on Ireland’s “National Drink” Guinness. Among the feast of the festival, Irish soda bread is a popular choice. The doe of the bread is cut into before baking it into the oven because this practice is believed to ward off the devil.

beer festival banner

Another reason why the cloverleaf is so popular because Patrick picked the 3 leaf clover off the ground to explain the holy trinity before the druids came.


This became a legend and the story got translated into different versions throughout the history. In truth, there is nothing actually Irish about clover leaves as they can be found very easily in many different places around the world and the odds of finding a 4 leaf clover are 1 in a 10,000, so you just might be very lucky to find one of this thing.

There you have it, hopefully, after reading all of that you’re now fairly acquainted with the history and the culture surrounding the St Patrick’s Day and won’t fall for any fake mythic story regarding the same.

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