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Thanksgiving Day In United States History

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Every year Thanksgiving Day in the United States celebrate with Full of Joy.So in 2017, this day is celebrated on 23rd November (23/11/2017).


This festival also called Harvest Festival & this day family celebrates together. This year only 38 days left for the end.


But One interesting thing that this festival also celebrates in Canada as united states.It is celebrated in 327 days in 2017.



Thanksgiving Day History

If we talk about the history of a thanksgiving day then we tell you everything this great festival.It is celebrated 4th Thursday of month November.


In the United States, these days announce as a national holiday, nowadays all celebrate this day in modern style.But before this day celebration reason is religious.


Now you thinking where and when this day celebration started, then our answer is new England.In England, this day is called Harvest Festival.People are enjoying to eating Pumpkin, Potato & Corn.


Why Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Actually in November in England people are finished to harvesting grains.So they celebrate this day by giving thanks to each other.


In America people thinking that this day celebration started in 1621 when pilgrim father start the celebration.He comes from Europe and starts living in united states.

thanksgivint days

When they finish harvesting the grain then he called people for giving thanks for all.


In 1789 George Washington announce this day as National Holiday, So people of America started to celebrate this day as the national festival.

Canadian people called this day Canadian Thanksgiving day or happy thanksgiving day.


People are eating Pumpkin pie this day because this is very sweet pie dessert with pumpkins spiced custard filling.Because people of America thinking that pumpkin symbol of harvesting & pumpkin pie is especially eating during the winter.


All Government offices, schools & business organization is closed this day.One more thing much public transport is not available to this day.


So this is the history of Thanksgiving Day history, tell us how you celebrate this day at home.Hope this day you enjoy to forgot all tension & stress.

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