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10 Tricks to Solve Network Problem in Mobile Phone

10 Tricks to Solve Network Problem in Mobile Phone

We are all using mobile phone & every body face one problem . That is Network Problem in mobile phone. Mobile phone user always got weak signals or “Network not Available” error in your mobile phone. But today i will give you some trick which help you solve your network problem. My 10 tips gives you solution for this error. In future you not got any poor network signal problem.

One thing is important that if you are using costly mobile phone & if you are not getting 3G or 4G even 2g . Then you thinking that your mobile phone is useless.

If you are available in good network area and not getting signals in mobile phone than its big problem. So today we will discus 10 tricks to solve network problem in mobile phone.

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Mobile phone 10 Tricks to Solve Network Problem in mobile phone


Trick #1. Network Mode Change:

If you are facing network problem in your android phone then change network mode 3g to 2G. Because if your area have not good 3G or 4G signal then use 2G. I used this trick in many time & every time i got better signal in phone . Here is the step to network mode change.

  1. Go to mobile setting & after then go wireless & network setting.
  2. Here you need to open more network setting.
  3. Select sim after selecting network.
  4. Now select network mode GSM , you see before its selected WCDMA or auto connect.


Trick #2. Mobile Cover Remove:

Some time user are using mobile cover for safety , this cover causing problem in network. Because cover stopping the signals to come. And also some time user are using double cover in mobile for extra safety .

So my suggestion is remove your mobile cover & after that test your signal . I am sure after using this trick you able to get good signals in your mobile phone. If you still wants to use cover in your mobile phone then do not much tight your cover.


Trick #3. Data Roaming Turn On:

If you are using weak network problem in your phone then turn on Data Roaming Option in mobile phone. Because according to mobile phone experts after enabling data roaming option you able to get better signal.

But remember one thing you need to on data roaming option when you are travelling outside area. Because when we are out of station then we are not in our home network. So we need to turn on our data roaming option.  So how we able to on this option .

  1. Go to mobile phone setting.
  2. After that need to go wireless & network setting.
  3. Now click mobile network & enable data roaming option.


Trick #4. Remove battery & Sim:

Mobile phone weak & poor signal problem is solving after removing battery & sim . Now you thinking i am joking but i am serious. Because its have reason why i said to remove battery and sim then again put in mobile phone.

When we are continuous using phone then mobile phone comes some technical issue. Many time battery got warm & stopping signals so this problem is fixing after removing battery & sim. But you take care some things before doing this.

  1. First of all switch off your mobile phone.
  2. After switch off your phone need to remove battery.
  3. Sim Card remove .
  4. Wait at least 5 minutes.
  5. Put battery & sim again in mobile phone.
  6. Switch on your Android phone.

Mostly this problem comes in root mobile . After rebooting android phone this problem is fixed. But always remember one thing switch off your mobile phone after 5 minutes.


Trick #5. Choose Preferred Network:

Choosing Preferred network is solve our network problem . When we are using Preferred network then our mobile phone is automatically using any available network.

I will suggest you if you are living in city area then use always preferred network. But if you are living in rural area then choose manually selected network. In rural area network problem is worse but city area many mobile tower available.

  1. Again go to your mobile phone setting .
  2. Choose Wireless & network setting.
  3. Go in Network Operator.
  4. Select Automatically Network.

Trick #6. Mobile phone Holding Grip Change:

According to some experts mobile phone holding grip is causing some time network problem . But when we changes grip of mobile phone again we starting to getting signals.

Some time we cover the mobile phone tower with our hand , this is stopping receive signals in our mobile phone. You also able to use hand free or earphone to getting better signals in your mobile phone.


Trick #6. Use Mobile Phone Signal Booster:

You are using your mobile phone at home & still getting good network problem . Then i will suggest you use Cell Phone Signal Boosters. This booster is able to search poor signals .

You able to use signal booster in desktop & mobile even you are in your office or your home. This is also called third party Gadgets , here is screenshot how its works.



Trick #7. Make Calls using Wifi:

If you are getting mobile network problem & you need to call any one . Then no worry you able to use wifi to making calls. For this you need to on your Wifi router or Broadband.

You also able to send SMS threw using WiFi network. Then you no need any mobile network signals you just on your wifi & connect to your mobile.



Trick #8. Factory Reset Your Mobile:

Even you try all method & not getting good signal then use one method . This method never fails , because we are spoiling setting of phone while using. So when we are resetting the mobile phone in factory mode then our phone goes to default setting.

After Resetting mobile phone again phone receiving good and power full signals. Here i will tell you one thing that most of mobile phone problem gone after doing factory resetting.


Trick #9. Testing Mobile Network:

Your mobile phone not getting network signals & also got internet problem . Then another reason is may be your mobile network not working properly. So you  need to run USSD Codes to check your mobile phone network setting. So how to check your mobile network using USSD Code.

  1. First you need to dial *#*#4636#*#* in your mobile phone.
  2. After that you able to see one menu open there you need to click on phone information.
  3. Now click on Run Ping Test .
  4. Select Auto GSM in drop down menu.
  5. Click on turn off radio option.
  6. Now restart your android phone.
Ping test


Trick #10. Try to Find Nearest Tower:

Still you are not able to using your phone because weak signal of tower. Then one another reason is that no network available in your area. so you need to find best tower in near your location .

But one another problem is come that how to find nearest tower . So here is many apps available in internet likes Signal Finder,Tower Location,Open Signal. But best one app is open signal app because its help to find all available network in your area.


I described all method in above post to getting network problem solution. After using all tricks you able to solve this problem 99.9 % with in minuets.

If you have also any other problem regarding mobile phone then ask your problem in comment box. I will solve your problem with best of my knowledge.


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  1. Some are temporary solutions. I don’t think it is a best option to stick to them. The permanent solution is buying a signal booster that best suits your needs.

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