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How to Delete yourself from the internet with this website

How to Delete yourself from the internet with this website

How to delete yourself from the internet .If endless cyber attack scare stories, viral pretend news articles, on-line abuse and also the election of Donald Trump have given yourself the resolve to run off from the net, you are in luck.

Developers in Sweden have created an internet site which will assist you delete your on-line presence with simply some clicks.

Available at, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck designed net the web deletion web site as an area for individuals to “clean up your internet presence”.

The service lets you see all of the websites you’re signed up to or have accounts for and asks if you’d like to delete them or unsubscribe. It asks for your email address and password so it can scan for the sites you’re signed up to.

Dahlbo and Unnebäck said they take the privacy of users seriously and that the program runs on the user’s computer, rather than their servers.

“So basically the only thing you’re telling us is what accounts you want to delete.  The website uses Google’s security protocol, which means it doesn’t gain access to users’ log in information, they added. is fairly limited at the moment. It requires users to have a Google email address that is used for all of your online accounts. So for those ancient MySpace and Bebo accounts that you signed up for with a Hotmail address you’ll need to go to the websites yourself and delete your account.

It also hasn’t managed to retrieve account deletion information from every service yet so some appear with a greyed out delete button. And it may never work for smaller sites. That said, it does already work with most major websites that users would be likely to have accounts with, such as Facebook, Twitter and Evernote.

How to delete yourself from the internet

1. Go to

2. Sign in with a Google email address requires a Google email address to work requires a Google email address to work CREDIT: DESEAT.ME

 3. Go through the list of websites you’re signed up to and decide whether you want to “delete”, “add to delete queue” or “keep” works for most major websites works for most major websites CREDIT: DESEAT.ME

 4. If you have more sites associated with other accounts that you’d like to delete, you will need to visit these individually and follow their instructions .

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