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How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error

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500 Internal Server Error is a very common HTTP status code that shows something wrong on your website server side. But you need to know full why this error come & how to fix this error with an easy solution.

Are you running a website? So commonly you encounter the error 500 internal server error sometimes, you need better advice to fix this problem.

The 500 internal server error message may be seen in many ways because many websites have a different reason for coming to this error.

Here are some common ways that you may see the HTTP 500 error :

500 Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
Temporary Error (500)
Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 Internal Error
500 Error
HTTP Error 500
500 . That's an error

500 Internal server error generated by website or blog which you are visiting, you see this error in different internet browser even in a smartphone.

HTTP 500 Errors Cause

I already tell you that internal server error shows that something not good in your website, means something going wrong.

In explained words, “wrong” means in your website, some issue with your website programming or coding, but some chance is this problem comes in your end, need to investigate this issue.

Note:- Here we want to tell you one thing HTTP 500  server error come when your server is using Microsoft IIS Software. For check this you need to look number after 500, like HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal server error, which means your website configuration data is invalid. We will show you complete list below why this error come & how to fix.

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error

Most of the reason this error come when something wrong in the server or called server-side error, the Probably problem comes in your computer or internet also on the website server. So here is full list how to fix this error.

Server Error
                                                                      Server Error
  1. Reload your website page in the browser, you can do this by refreshing, clicking button f5 on your computer or try again type your website URL in the browser.

But this does when you think this error is temporary, refreshing or reload the web page is fixed your problem.

2. Sometimes this error resolved by clear the browser’s cache because sometimes this error comes when you viewing previously cached version of the website.

Here one thing is to consider Internal server error not always caused by caching issues. But I saw much time when we clear the cache, the problem is solved very quickly.

3. Deleting the browser cookie which you are used solve the internal server error problem.     After removing or deleting the cookies you need to restart your browser & try again once more time.

4. 504 Gateway time out, try to troubleshoot this error is fixed internal server error problem. Because some server is producing error 504 gateway timeout.

5. Contact site administrator if you are visiting another person website. If site admin not aware of this error then you need to contact the site administrator for this issue.

Fixing 500 Internal Server Error Problems your own website

We mention some fixing tips when you are not own a website or visiting another person website. But when you running a website & you encountered this type problem in your website, then fixing is different.

There are many different reasons for coming 500 internal server error on the website, here are some use full tips to fix this issue.

Permission error:- Most of the case this error comes when you set wrong permission to your c panel files & folder. We saw when a website owner set wrong permission on PHP or CGI script then this error comes. You need to set permission 0755 (-rwxr-xr-x).

PHP Timeout error:- If you website script is connected with other resources & problem comes in that resources then 500 internal server error occurred. You need to set timeout rule in your script, this should help to resolve the internal server error.

.htaccess coding error:- Here is one great solution, we often saw many websites owners try to do set some code in .htaccess file. But sometimes codes going wrong, so you need to set your .htaccess file well structure.

More same error like 500 Internal server error

Many browsers show message 500 Internal server error when error comes on the server side, But another error like 502 bad gateway, 503 services unavailable, 504 gateway timeout.

Many website show error 404 not found an error which is very popular.





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