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How to Permanently Cure Diabetes

Diabetes is very dangerous disease, which is also called slow death or silent killer. Many people are suffering from this disease & thinks how to Permanently Cure Diabetes.


You are shocked after know that in world diabetes patients increase rapidly, especially in the USA. Many medicines are made to control diabetes, but no proper medicine discover yet who cure diabetes permanently.


But today in this post we briefly tell you about diabetes causes, symptoms & Permanently cure for diabetes.


People every year 14 November celebrate diabetes day & aware each other this deadly disease.


There is two type of diabetes first one called is type 1 diabetes & type 2 diabetes.



Cause of Diabetes & Permanently cure diabetes


In this disease, the level of glucose in the blood increase more than usual & blood cells cannot use this sugar. If the level of glucose is continuously not decreased in the blood, then its start to harm the body parts.


If the level of glucose is continuously not decreased in the blood, then its start to harm the body parts.


Drinking & eating bad habits such as excessive consumption of sweet & heavy food or excessive consumption of sugar in tea & milk.


Also drinking cold drinks & other soft drinks cause diabetes. Some other main reason is not working hard, obesity, stress, smoking tobacco are also the major cause of diabetes.


Diabetes Symptoms

If you found some unusual symptoms in the body like frequent urination, excessive thirst, appetite, fatigue then need to go, doctor, & check properly with an examination.


Some other symptoms of diabetes are fatigue without doing any work, delay recovery of wounds anywhere in the body and skin related infection. These are all signs of diabetes.


Diabetes symptoms


If some of these signs appear continuously then you should check sugar in the blood. This test of diabetes is very general & affordable which can be done easily in small labs.


Now some new machine come in the market which provides facility to check your blood sugar at home which is not expensive.


Diabetes Complication

If the diagnosis of diabetes disease not done at the time or continuous negligence in food and proper lifestyle, and the proper treatment should not be done.


Then the level of sugar increased in your blood and it is start damaged many parts of the body like hearts, kidneys, and eyes.


So when we diagnose sugar in blood then need to maintain balance sugar in the blood.


Permanently Cure of Diabetes or Treatment of Diabetes


  1. Improve food habits:- When you know that you have blood sugar then need to control your diet. First of all, take no sugar in or minimize and also do not take sweets. Eat more grain, fruits, green vegetables also eat more at one time Instead of taking the food in small intervals.You need to leave refined oil, samosa, junk foods paratha, kachori etc. Take another fruit which helps to cure diabetes.
  2. Being Physically Active:- Doing regular exercises, regular practice of yoga pranayama, Morning and Evening walk, is very beneficial for controlling diabetic disease and obesity is in control which is the main cause of diabetes.
  3. Avoid Tension, Anxiety:-The roles of stress are diabetes is very important, do your best to avoid tension if you have diabetes. So you need to do regular exercise, yoga, and pranayama. If you do daily meditation then you able to avoid tension easily it is proven on research.

home remedies of cure diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes Permanent Cure

Some herbs of Ayurveda is very useful in diabetes, they able to control your blood sugar a long time. Modern science also has proven that some home remedies is the permanent cure for diabetes.


Fenugreek Seeds


Fenugreek seeds are very useful in diabetes, you need to take one or two teaspoons of seed & soaked in a glass of water all night. In the morning you need to drink this seed of water with breakfast. Also you able to make fenugreek seeds powder take with fruit and vegetables.


Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is also very important for the cure of diabetes. You need to make juice of this vegetable and take in morning empty stomach. If you not able to drink juice then make powder of bitter gourd.



The fruit blackberry is very useful in diabetes this fruit is very sweet and sour. Eat this fruit in the season if not available then make powder blackberry & eat 12 months without any tension.



 If the amount of sugar in the blood is not increased, then the above remedies are available.But if the sugar level is high in the blood then the physician should take the opinion, for this the injection of insulin in allopathy and pills consuming from the mouth etc.


Is Ayurveda, Basant Kusumakar juice, Shilajit Vati, Chandra Prabha Vati, Pure Shilajit and many other medicines are used to Permanently Cure Diabetes.


These medicines are very beneficial in diabetes but have them be taken from the doctor’s opinion.

So if you want to Permanently Cure Diabetes then follow my all formula which I mention in above.



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