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Tips: Follow This Process Unlock Pattern Lock Of Smartphone

Tips: Follow This Process Unlock Pattern Lock Of Smartphone

Gadget desk : Unlock Pattern  Smartphone Here we are going to tell you a trick which can help you lock in anyone’s smartphone app, WhatsApp, Facebook and gallery pattern lock can open in just 2 minutes. Often these applications are locked.
This trick will help you by opening the lock can read the chat, go to the gallery can view Photo. This trick will work even when you have forgotten your own pattern lock.

Process  Unlock Pattern  Smartphone

Step 1
For this trick you need to go mobile phone setting box.
Step 2
In Settings, you’ll see an option to Apps. Tap on it.
Step 3
Tap on it as soon as you see a Window will open up a list of your mobile application. Go and visit the CM Security app.
Step 4
Tap on Another window will open to you if you do so. Force Stop, turn on the tap and go.
Step 5
This app will show you  Misbehave message You need to click ok button.
Step 6
Then the app will stop working properly and you also able to open Facebook & Whatsapp easily.
Note: This we have to check on CM Security App. App Lock app on the other you can unlock it by adopting process.
So no need to worry in future when your smartphone patter forgot. Just use this process & easily unlocked your phone.


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