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Visa Customer Service Number 1-(800)847-2911

Visa Customer Service Number is necessary if a Cardholders traveling in any of the following countries can report their Visa cards lost/stolen and request emergency services by using the following toll-free numbers.

As you all know many people from a different country using visa debit or credit card, sometimes they need to assistance for the card. But they have no contact number of visa, the problem is solved a complete list of visa customer care service.

Callers in certain countries dialing these numbers including the collect number from mobile or hotel phones might be charged fees. Visa will not be responsible for any fees incurred.

Visa Customer Service Number

For the hearing impaired, please call 1-800-TDD-1213 in the US or Canada or 1-305-278-4285 or 1-512-865-2002 in all other countries.

Cardholders traveling in Countries can use the Or the PCV number indicated below.

Report the theft or loss of their Visa cards In some countries fees may apply Whether a mobile phone or a hotel phone Is used to call free numbers or Number in PCV.

Visa will not be responsible For these costs.If the country you are in is not listed on the

This list, or if you encounter difficulties to call one of the green numbers, you can Call collect toll-free at 1-303-967-1096.(Collect calls are dialed using The local operator)

Visa Travelers Cheque Global Refund and Assistance Center

(800) 227-6811 (24/7)
Hours: call 24 hours, 7 days

Visa Customer Care Service Number Toll-Free

1800-847-2911 is visa customer care help line , toll-free number USA & other countries.

Anguilla  1-800-847-2911
Antigua  1-800-847-2911
Bahamas  1-800-847-2911
Barbados 1-800-847-2911
Belgium 0800-1-8397
Belize 811 or 555Δ800-847-2911
Bermuda 1-800-847-2911
Bolivia 800-10-0188
Bonaire* 001-800-847-2911
Brazil 0800-891-3680
British Virgin Islands 1-800-847-2911
Bulgaria 00-800-0010Δ888-557-4446
Cambodia 1-800-881-001Δ888-710-7783
Canada 1-800-847-2911
The Cayman Islands 1-800-847-2911
Chile 1230-020-2136

China (South) 10-800-110-2911
China (North) 10-800-711-2911
Colombia 01-800-912-5713
Costa Rica 0-800-011-0030
Croatia 0-800-220-111Δ866-654-0125
Curacao* 001-800-847-2911
Czech Republic 800-142-121
Denmark 80-010277
Dominica 1-800-847-2911
Dominican Republic 1-800-847-2911
Ecuador 1-999-119
or 1-800-225-528Δ800-847-2911
Egypt (Cairo only) 2510-0200Δ866-654-0128
Egypt (outside Cairo)02-2510-0200Δ866-654-0128
El Salvador 800-6921

Estonia 800-12001Δ800-406-9982
Finland 0800-11-0057
France 0800-90-1179
Updated 05/2015
Country Phone Number
Germany 0800-811-8440
Gibraltar 8800-877-3745966
Greece 00-800-11-638-0304
Grenada 1-800-847-2911
Guam 1-800-847-2911
Guatemala 1-800-999-0115
Guyana 159Δ1-855-477-1390
Honduras 800-0123Δ800-847-2911
Hong Kong 800-96-7025
Hungary 06-800-17682
India 000-800-100-1219
Indonesia 001-803-1-933-6294
Ireland, Republic of 1-800-55-8002
Israel 1-80-941-1605
Italy 800-819-014
Jamaica 0-800-847-2911
Japan 00531-11-1555
Jordan 1-880-0000Δ888-557-4442
Kazakhstan 8 800-121-4321Δ888-557-4447
Kenya 866-654-0162

Latvia 8000-02288
Lebanon 01-426-801Δ866-654-0130
Liechtenstein 0800-89-4732
Luxembourg 0800-2012
Macedonia 0800-94288Δ888-557-4458
Malaysia 1800-80-0159
Mauritius 01-120Δ866-654-0165
Mexico 001-800-847-2911
Monaco 0800-90-1179
Montserrat 1-800-847-2911
Morocco 002-11-0011Δ866-654-0163
Netherlands 0800-022-3110
Nevis 1-800-847-2911
New Zealand 0800-44-3019
Norway 800-12052
Panama 001-800-111-0016
Paraguay 008-11-800Δ800-599-1137
Perú 800-890-0623
Philippines 1-800-1-111-9015

Country Phone Number
Poland 0-0-800-111-1569
Portugal 800-8-11-824
Puerto Rico 1-800-847-2911
Romania 0 808-03-4288Δ888-557-4416
Russia 8 10-800-110-1011Δ866-654-0164
Russia 363-2400Δ866-654-0164
(Moscow and St. Petersburg only)
Russia 8 495-363-2400Δ866-654-0164
(Outside Moscow)
Russia 8 812-363-2400Δ866-654-0164
(Outside St. Petersburg)
Saba* 1-800-847-2911

Saint Eustatius* 1-800-847-2911
Saint Kitts 1-800-847-2911
Turkey 00-800-13-535-0900
Turks and Caicos 0-1-800-847-2911
United Kingdom 0800-89-1725
United States 1-800-847-2911
Uruguay 00-0411-940-7915
U.S. Virgin Islands 1-800-847-2911
Venezuela 0800-1-002167
Vietnam 1 201-0288Δ888-710-7781


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