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Top 10 Most Viral YouTube Video Topics Of All Times

People are searching in YouTube everything, like comedy, travel tips, music video, education material & many more things.But some people need to know most viral Youtube video Topics because they want to make a youtube video for those topics.

Today in this post we will tell you most viral youtube videos topics, the main reason to make this post because people now making money through youtube videos.

Here is a list of top 10 most viral youtube video which is fit to most viewed youtube video topics. So you need to make a youtube video for that topic to get high views & earnings.

Most Viral Youtube Video Topics

Video Effects

If you take a look a most viewed YouTube Videos all time then you’ll realize that most of the people searching in youtube Video Effects. Because youtube is a good way to earn money online without any investment so making a video for youtube people need to learn video effects.

There are many software or youtube video available which teach you how to give effects on youtube videos.Also one thing more without knowledge of video effect you not able to make good videos for youtube.

Music Videos

If you are going to search most viewed on youtube topic on music then you found half of video are Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens & Vengaboys. The chart shows every youtube video get 100 million views each.

The music video is a hot topic because people are want to relax when they need to listen to music videos, some are listening to slow music & some are loud music.

Funny Viral Videos

Let’s imagine you are tired to work all of the days, what you need for refresh your mind. Most of the people like to watch funny viral video on youtube because they give new energy to every person.

Research shows on YouTube that most of the people tried to make a funny viral video because it gives much money to YouTubers.

Technical Videos

In the 21st century, everyone keeps update himself for technical updates, like gadgets & new technology videos.

Most search things on youtube related to technical videos are upcoming mobile phones or new upcoming apps. One plus point is if you making a technical video then you also get high CPC which means high earning.

One is most famous technical video maker is technical guruji.

Food Recipe Video

If you are searching for youtube Food Recipe Video then you got a thousand videos on this topic & you are surprised most of the people are successful in this topic.

In India 106 years old lady cooking video is going viral on the internet, this lady channel name is country food & she earning millions in a month. If 106-year-old women able to earn million then why you do not try this topic.


If you are born 1980 to 1990 then you remember old video player, big cassettes then cd player comes. But nowadays everyone likes watch Movies on youtube.

So this is the very hot topic on youtube which is searched by almost people.One big reason is also people shows interest to watch a movie on youtube is movie leaked on youtube before releasing in theaters.

Latest Song Video

Every person is using mobile & they love to watch song when they are free on in the party. Because music is also given pleasant atmosphere to mind.

if you look Song views on youtube then you know every 9 people out of 10 love to saw a music video on youtube. So music video got the highest hit on youtube.

So this is a very very hot topic on my list, but you thinking how I post a copyrighted video.I will suggest giving some edit in the video like put another video on song then you did not get copyright strike on youtube.

Some another topic which you need to considers

Surprising Talent

Offensive Comedy

Prank Video

Kids & Babies 

Make a video on all this topic which I mention in my post, I will promise you got high views on a youtube video.

Most Viral YouTube Video Topics all I covered in this post. If you have another topic which gives high views then tell us on commenting on the comment box.



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