How to use free Facebook in your mobile

free Facebook
free Facebook

How to use free Facebook in your mobile

Hello friends if you wanna use Free Facebook in your android mobile , then you need to read this post full.In this post i will tell you how to use free facebook in your mobile . You don’t need to do any setting . its a very simple step. You also use free facebook in simple mobile phone or this trick also working in simple phone.

How to use free Facebook

Now i will tell you how to use free facebook in your simple or android mobile phone . But remember one thing free facebook not running threw browser . We are able to access free facebook threw sms. This trick like that when you enter any ussd code in your mobile for finding any offer. But one drawback this trick is you are not able to control full your facebook , but you able to reply any message in facebook or you also able to update your status.

Step to Step use Free Facebook in Mobile

  1. first of all you need to dial *365# code in your mobile.
  2. Now one message comes in your screen which shows that you access for free facebook use.
  3. After that you able to see Facebook login in the menu
  4. Here you put your mobile IMEI and password of your facebook
  5. Now you able to reply your message in Facebook & also able to update your status on facebook.

Another update comes from the Facebook. Facebook team launch a Plane with man. which provide you free internet. This Plane also provide internet in those palace where internet is not available.

Facebook launch this plan because they wants to spread facebook to every person of the world. But they found some of area in the world not any internet connection. So this step makes Facebook way easy.

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