What is Viral Blogging System

Viral Blogging System
Viral Blogging System

What is Viral Blogging System

You may have heard of Blog, right? You probably know what it is or even writes articles for a blog at the time, but you know what a Viral Blog ? or Viral Blogging System .


Well … to answer that I have to ask another question, you know what is SEO?

Well short, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is nothing more than the Site Optimization Page or for it to be ranked higher in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc …)


But … back to the subject of the blog, the blog is an excellent tool to generate traffic, contacts, and consequently sales. To get online recognition you need must have a blog.


As you see, a blog is essential, and have a blog and understand a lot of SEO is enough for you to succeed and make a lot of money, right ?? WRONG !

Come on, let’s say you bought your hosting, bought a domain also learned all about WordPress Plugins installation and Themes, and then began posting quality content every day, at that point you believe it is only waiting for the traffic and start profiting. In fact it is, but the time for Google or other search engines you begin to index and can take 6 months to 1 year.


Viral blog


If you want a quick result, certainly will not want to wait 6 months for this. It is exactly here that enters the blogvirals .


In viral blog you do not need to know programming or set up as an expert because it comes pre-installed, and the little that you have to set there are videos with lessons step by step within a Viral Blog System. In short, your blog is 90% ready.


But the biggest advantage of Viral Blog is as follows:

Remember we talked about SEO just now? Search engines evaluate some points before indexing your site, such as number of visits (?!?! That’s it), rejection (number of people who spend less than 15 seconds on your blog), volume of posts, and the time that people spend on your blog, and that is where the Viral blog comes.


You enter a Blogs platform that already has traffic in much traffic truth, and extremely qualified traffic and that’s why Google loves this sort of blog.


This blog that you are now a Viral Blog and you can see who is in the field ( blogvirals.com ), whenever someone visits my blog, I help the platform in general and it happens to all blogs, thus accounting for thousands of daily visits, for you to see the actual size of it (Go to  Alexa.com  and see the current ranking) Today it is the Brazilian site number 815 in the world and is the number site 45,105) among millions of other sites.

So today here we learn what is viral blogging system , it is easy to understand .

Viral Blog is like a snow ball, the platform has traffic, you go and write, and this generates more traffic.


The summary of all this is:


blog Normal

We must invest heavily in servers, domains, and course (s) to learn.

You have to invest time to learn and apply knowledge.

You must have patience, write articles often and with great quality.

After all this work and investment and last 6 months is that we begin to have some traffic, if we do the job properly.


Viral blog

It has greatly reduced cost.

No need to have great knowledge.

No need to invest much of your time as a “normal” blog.

huge advantage over normal blogs in terms of traffic and easy to use.

instant traffic.


How do I get a system of Viral Blog?


If you want to have a Viral Blog like this in a few minutes, or build a real business that will generate you a growing income, then come see the blogvirals.com .

If you have any other suggestion about viral blogging system then comment in comment box please.