WhatsApp Big Update Now Possible to Make Video Calls


Whats App Big Update Now Possible to Make Video Calls

Users who use Whats App on Android will now make video calls. Whats App beta app has been featured in the latest version. Just use this feature the company’s official Android beta testing the user will be able to sign up for the program.

The new video call feature can be accessed through the Call tab. Video dialer to call the user must click on the icon, which is next to the search icon. After clicking on the icon on the dialer user will be asked to choose between voice or video calls. Note that this feature will work only if the caller is and whom to call, they are both part of the Android beta testing program. Older versions of the app, which is the other person, or not using the beta version, the caller “Could not place call” the message said.

Gadgets Whats App 360 new video call feature and found that it’s testing poor connectivity works. To use this feature to Android users need to update to version 2.16.316 or since. The user is to enjoy this feature, you must sign up for the beta testing program.

Sadly, it is not clear how long the roll-out of this feature, the user will be. We have sought information in this regard from Whats App.

But Whats App’s video-calling will be revolutionary in many ways. For starters, WhatsApp has close to 1 billion monthly active users, claims to be totally end-to-end encrypted and we’re assuming that given their obsession for privacy, they will extend the same to their video-calling feature.

How to Get Whats app Video Calling Feature : Enable Whats App Video Calling Working Now Official Apk Update.

For enable whats app call feature you need to download Whats App new Version.



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