WordPress Installation Tutorial – How to Install WordPress

WordPress Installation Tutorial
WordPress Installation Tutorial

WordPress Installation Tutorial – How to Install WordPress

WordPress Installation Tutorial or How to Install WordPress , today we will learn here how to install WordPress Platform to any Hosting . This is a step by step guide. You Choose any hosting from any hosting service provider.But i recommend Name Cheap Hosting is best hosting for any blog or Website. WordPress installation is not a tough job , its easy process. You just need to follow my this post.

When we buy any hosting from any hosting service provider. They give us a Cpanel , in this c panel we able to install any blogging platform.

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How to Install WordPress Platform to Any Hosting

After purchasing any hosting , first of all we need to point domain in hosting . After pointing domain DNS in your hosting, login your  C-Panel. Now Real Game is Start .

  1. After going C-Panel you need to go in Softaculous App Installer.

2. After open this app you need to click in WordPress icon.

3. Then you need to click Install now icon like this .


4. After clicking install button you saw three option.

5. First option choose any protocol like http or https .

6. After that select your domain where you installing WordPress.

7. Give any name of your directory .


8. Next you need to do give name to your website or blog.

9. Give good site description .

10. Choose strong username for WordPress blog.

11. Write down Strong Password.

12. Put your email where you get updates regarding WordPress.


13. Now you need to tick option Auto upgrade, its so necessary because WordPress gives security updates time to time .

14. Also click WordPress Plugins & theme option.

15. At Last choose Auto backup option once a day , because if we got any problem in our website. Then threw backup we able to restore our website.


In the last you able to see install button finally . When you click this button then you easily able to install WordPress in your Hosting. After installing WordPress choose any good theme .

I will recommend you choose responsive theme for your WordPress blog. Because in Responsive theme you got So many updated option. Which is easy to use.